Be Prepared for Oral Surgery- Ways to be adopted

Oral surgery may be needed in various kinds of dental issues. Though the surgery is out patient, preparation and post care is needed. The surgery is carried out under the influence of local or sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia which means the patient can return home shortly after the procedure. It is important to be prepared for the surgery by implementing just few steps in the daily schedule which will ensure speedy and safe recovery.

Preparation for a night before surgery: Ask the dentist about proper measures to be taken before you undergo the operation and follow them strictly. Few medications may be prescribed which should be taken the night before and the morning of the surgery.

Eight to twelve hours of fasting is common for most outpatient oral surgeries. If diabetic, then check the sugar levels before talking the doctor’s appointment. It is important to keep the sugar levels in control before any surgery. Eat breakfast and take any prescribed medications the evening and morning before your surgery. Fasting is important because it minimizes the risk of aspiration which is a rare but serious complication of anesthesia.

oral dental surgery

No Smoking: It is always recommended that the patient is not supposed to smoke for minimum of 12 hours before he/she undergo the surgery. Brush and floss your teeth before heading to your dentist’s office.

Wear comfortable clothing: Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes, this helps in checking vital signs, giving you your injection, or put blood pressure cuffs which are to be monitored during the surgery.

Give yourself time to relax: Arrive at least 20 minutes early at the doctor’s office. This will give you time to complete any remaining paperwork. You’ll also have a chance to relax and calm yourself before the surgery.

Arrange for the post-surgery ride: After the surgery, you may still be under the influence of anesthesia. Anesthesia makes it difficult to drive immediately and alters judgment. So, it is always better to have a friend or family member with you during the surgery, so that they can bring you back home safely. If you have no one to accompany after the surgery, book a cab or take public transport. If the transportation is not suitable by any method and driving is needed, then leave the doctor’s office only after the consultation and checking of vital signs.

Make comfortable recovery space:  Ample resting time is needed after the surgery. So, most time either you will be sleeping or will be on bed. So, make sure, you have good books, magazines to read. AC and television remotes should be kept nearby. Download your favorite television serials so as to keep yourself entertained in case you are awake. Stock up some extra pillows and blankets in case you need them.

Food diet post-surgery:  It is important you eat right. So, make sure the food which you eat is soft and chewable, as your gums and mouth is in recovery phase. Avoid straws, as sucking motions can aggravate the surgery site and can lead to pain.

It is always better to be pre-prepared for the surgery, this makes things go smoothly and recovery becomes easy and hassle free.

Conclusion: It is not always easy to face dental surgeries. For safe and secure, oral dental surgery, get in touch with expert Oral Surgery Dentists at Ballarat Dental Care.


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