How Can Root Canal Treatment Help You and Its Pros and Cons

Endodontic treatment as the name suggests is a treatment dealing with inside of the teeth. ‘Endo’ means inside and ‘Odont’ means tooth in Greek which completes the term Endodontic treatment. So patients are usually advised to undergo Root Canal Treatment for various endodontic problems.

In this article, we shall discuss about how this dental treatment helps you recover from the various oral problems. Patients tend to have anxiety when they are diagnosed with edodontic problems. So let us first understand the dental problems which can be treated by this technique.


How can root canal treatment help you?

As mentioned earlier, it is used for treating many of the gum problems. Beneath crown lies, enamel. Underneath the enamel, there is a hard layer of dentin and then under it there is pulp. It is a soft part containing nerves, connective tissue, blood vessels, etc and provides nutrition to the tooth during its development. Once our teeth gets matured, they receive nourishment from other oral tissues. Any infection or inflammation to this pulp can cause critical oral problems. If these oral problems are not aided immediately then they give rise to other overall health problems. These are some of the following problems which can be treated by this dental treatment.

A. Infected pulp
B. Inflamed pulp
C. Tooth decay
D. Faulty crowns (which is the outer layer of the teeth)
E. Cracked or chipped tooth

These are the circumstances where Root Canal Treatment comes in the picture as a hero and it does help us from losing our tooth. Even though it is a sharp oral remedy, many people still doubt its benefits. So to clarify those myths and offer an answer to those queries, keep reading.

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Is this treatment really effective?

Well, the answer varies depending upon the individual patients and their complications. Although it can easily be said, yes! Root canal treatment somewhat saves our teeth and overall oral health from the loss. The endodontic treatments are advised to the patient by the dentists. Root canal treatment is one such endodontic treatment which can fix various oral problems effectively. Nonetheless, it has its own advantages and its own limitations.

Pros and cons of root canal treatment


Provides A great relief to the toothache
Treats tooth injury or infection
Minimizes tooth sensitivity
Provides Comfortable chewing
Soothes pain of the tooth
Reduces ulcer formation
Eliminates insecurities due to missing teeth


No guaranteed span of its endurance
Discoloration of the teeth
Possibility of affected teeth getting affected again
Possibility of other treatments

Still not convinced with the answer? Talk to us directly for better understanding of your oral problems because Ballarat family loves to look after yours! You can drop us a mail at or even call us at (03) 5339 9494 . Let us take a step ahead towards healthier life today


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