Benefits of Bulk Billing Dentists Services

Bulk billing is a facility in which a doctor (dentist and others) provides health services under the Medicare scheme and then he can claim a part or whole payment back from the government. This facility is available where the patients have an active health fund policy and dental care is mentioned in their extra cover.

Bulk billing dentists in Melbourne give this facility for people eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme, which was introduced by the Australian Government in January, 2014.This facility is also given to people having a Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card and for emergencies and general NSW health vouchers holders.



In the bulk billing process, the dentist checks the letter from Medicare and the Medicare card of the patient to confirm eligibility for the treatment. Here the client does not have to pay anything. Later the dentist claims for the payment of the treatment, part or whole as per defined in the scheme, by the government.

Investigations covered in bulk billing dentistry:

  • X-rays
  • Fissure sealing
  • Dental examinations
  • Root canal Therapy
  • Fillings
  • Tooth Extractions

Who can benefit from bulk billing dentists?

  • Children, 2-17 year old, whose family members receive a Family tax benefit A or other relevant Australian Government Payments like Center link.
  • Department of Veteran Affairs gold card members.
  • Pension card holders and concession card holders who have been approved for the treatment.

Features and benefits:

  • Bulk billing dentists provide $1000 worth of treatments under the Medicare Child Benefit Scheme. It can be used over two consecutive calendar years, but eligibility has to be obtained each year and benefits cannot be passed to any other child or adult in the family.
  • It is a great way to save on dental services, which are otherwise very costly, as there are no out of pocket costs involved.
  • Treatment is bulk billed through Medicare, which is easy for the patients and dentists also.
  • There are no waiting lists. The eligible child will have the next appointment.
  • Strict sterilization is used to ensure that all equipment s are safe to use.
  • For finding out the eligibility of one’s child (age 2-17), one can call Medicare on 132 011 and then proceed to get the letter of eligibility and Medicare card. If clinics use Medicare easy-claim, then the patients can swipe their Medicare card there.
  • Eligibility is based on family income. So the move is to make dental care easily available to more and more people at affordable costs.
  • Apart from children, Veterans and pension holders also reap the benefits of bulk billing so it helps them to solve their dental problems in old age with less hassle.
  • The child benefit scheme under bulk billing also inculcates good dental habits among children from childhood.

So bulk billing dentists make it to the hall of fame with the help they are giving to the society. This is a very good way of people being able to avail the dental services and being more aware as to how they can prevent dental problems. The only thing is that very few people avail this service. So there is a need for more awareness of the benefits of this scheme in the society. Also Medicare rates need to be steady so that dentists are ready to go in for this service.

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