Effective Root Canal Treatment is Now Within Your Reach

One of the most dreadful and painful dental procedures is root canal treatment. If you leave your decayed tooth untreated with time it will progress deep and reaches the pulp. Root canal treatment replaces the grimy pulp with a filling and thus save the tooth, which had to otherwise need to removed.

How does the tooth become infected?

The root canal consists the blood vessels and nerves that nourish the tooth by providing nutrients and oxygen. When you neglect the dental decay of outer layers, it reaches to root canal and makes the nerves and vessels infected and inflamed. This inflamed pulp dies with time and replaced by pus. This is the reason behind pain and swelling and if you left it untreated, it will damage the bone structure and cause a tooth abscess.


Root canal treatment:

Medically termed as endodontic treatment, the root canal treatment includes cleaning and sterilization of root canal and removing the infected tissue. This procedure can be carried out by a professional dentist only. Depending on the severity of the situation, the treatment is done in two or more visits. If you are suffering from an active infection then the dentist will prescribe antibiotics for three to five days so that the pain and infection reduces. Prior the commencement of treatment local anesthesia is given to make the patient comfortable. Firstly, a rubber dam is placed over the defected tooth to make sure that the tooth is dry and to avoid contamination of the canals. After applying a dental drill to open the upper layer of the tooth, the doctor will access the pulp chamber and take out the infected pulp.

Now he will clean the inside of your tooth with a series of small files. The pulp chamber and the tooth canal is cleaned by these small files. This step of cleaning may take several hours and several visits as it completely depends on the severity of the infection. The molars and premolars comprise two or three roots with several canals and therefore may take longer time in the root canal treatment. During the primary phase after cleaning the tooth thoroughly, temporary filling is done. After some time in the next phase, this temporary filing is removed and the canal is filled and the upper portion of the tooth is sealed with a cap. This cap saves the root-filled tooth from further damage.

After care:

During the treatment, the patient has to avoid eating hard edibles completely. The patient has to maintain oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice daily. Check and control the intake of sugar and carbonated drinks. With proper care and constant consultation with a qualified dentist, you can make your root canal treatment last lifetime. You can also avail the services of professional dentists working at Ballarat Dental Clinic.


Benefits of Bulk Billing Dentists Services

Bulk billing is a facility in which a doctor (dentist and others) provides health services under the Medicare scheme and then he can claim a part or whole payment back from the government. This facility is available where the patients have an active health fund policy and dental care is mentioned in their extra cover.

Bulk billing dentists in Melbourne give this facility for people eligible under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme, which was introduced by the Australian Government in January, 2014.This facility is also given to people having a Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card and for emergencies and general NSW health vouchers holders.



In the bulk billing process, the dentist checks the letter from Medicare and the Medicare card of the patient to confirm eligibility for the treatment. Here the client does not have to pay anything. Later the dentist claims for the payment of the treatment, part or whole as per defined in the scheme, by the government.

Investigations covered in bulk billing dentistry:

  • X-rays
  • Fissure sealing
  • Dental examinations
  • Root canal Therapy
  • Fillings
  • Tooth Extractions

Who can benefit from bulk billing dentists?

  • Children, 2-17 year old, whose family members receive a Family tax benefit A or other relevant Australian Government Payments like Center link.
  • Department of Veteran Affairs gold card members.
  • Pension card holders and concession card holders who have been approved for the treatment.

Features and benefits:

  • Bulk billing dentists provide $1000 worth of treatments under the Medicare Child Benefit Scheme. It can be used over two consecutive calendar years, but eligibility has to be obtained each year and benefits cannot be passed to any other child or adult in the family.
  • It is a great way to save on dental services, which are otherwise very costly, as there are no out of pocket costs involved.
  • Treatment is bulk billed through Medicare, which is easy for the patients and dentists also.
  • There are no waiting lists. The eligible child will have the next appointment.
  • Strict sterilization is used to ensure that all equipment s are safe to use.
  • For finding out the eligibility of one’s child (age 2-17), one can call Medicare on 132 011 and then proceed to get the letter of eligibility and Medicare card. If clinics use Medicare easy-claim, then the patients can swipe their Medicare card there.
  • Eligibility is based on family income. So the move is to make dental care easily available to more and more people at affordable costs.
  • Apart from children, Veterans and pension holders also reap the benefits of bulk billing so it helps them to solve their dental problems in old age with less hassle.
  • The child benefit scheme under bulk billing also inculcates good dental habits among children from childhood.

So bulk billing dentists make it to the hall of fame with the help they are giving to the society. This is a very good way of people being able to avail the dental services and being more aware as to how they can prevent dental problems. The only thing is that very few people avail this service. So there is a need for more awareness of the benefits of this scheme in the society. Also Medicare rates need to be steady so that dentists are ready to go in for this service.

If you also want to get dental treatment and save money, reach at the Ballarat dental care. Here, we provide kids dental care services without charge, as kids are eligible under Medicare’s child dental benefits schedule. For more information, contact at www.ballaratdentalcare.com.au

Visit to Dentist: Need Assistance in Preparing your Child for Visit

It is a very dreadful feeling for most of the parents to take their child to the children dentists. The anxious feeling is obvious, because having a first look inside the dental clinic is always a very frightening experience for the little ones. But it is most crucial to make a habit of undergoing proper dental hygiene from the early age, as it helps in better dental as well as oral health.


When Should You Plan Your Child’s First Dental Clinic Visit?

As per the CDA (Canadian dental Association), it is a best practice to take your babies that should be assessed by the pediatric dentist by their first birthday anniversary or within 6 months of the first tooth breaking of the child. You might think that this is very soon, it is what many other parents do also think, but the CDA has emphasized on the significance of prevention or analyzing the dental problem, before it become one dreadful dental issue for your kids. It is must have practice for all the parents that they should take the child to dentist by the age of 2 or 3 by when all the of the teeth are in, and upon this CDA recommends to have a regular dental checkup following every 6-months after the first tooth breaks in.

What is the Significance of Early Age Dental Visit?

Even when your kids are little, there might be some dental problems, which can only be diagnosed by the expert dentist. A children dentists is skilled and trained to find out the potential issues to avoid the big troubles in later age. For an instance, the dentist is skilled to find out whether the dental structure is proper or not. If the kid is already facing minor cavities issues, then a cleaning process can be done and along with this further nutritional factor can take into considerations.

How can you prevent your kid from having Dental Phobia?

This is among the very crucial factor in your child’s upbringing to encourage a long-term and healthy dental hygiene in your children’s routine. Even many adults have the fear of going to a dental visit. You might know few of them in your social circle also, try that your kid won’t face the same fear. Children are very sensitive and even a smallest thing or incident can have a long-lasting impression on their mind. If they got the sense that going to a dentist is a dreadful thing, they will grow up with the same feeling which hinders them to visit the dentist and might cause some dangerous dental issue in future. Try to explain the importance of dental hygiene and most important the regular visit to childrens dentists clinic for good oral and dental health.

How Can Root Canal Treatment Help You and Its Pros and Cons

Endodontic treatment as the name suggests is a treatment dealing with inside of the teeth. ‘Endo’ means inside and ‘Odont’ means tooth in Greek which completes the term Endodontic treatment. So patients are usually advised to undergo Root Canal Treatment for various endodontic problems.

In this article, we shall discuss about how this dental treatment helps you recover from the various oral problems. Patients tend to have anxiety when they are diagnosed with edodontic problems. So let us first understand the dental problems which can be treated by this technique.


How can root canal treatment help you?

As mentioned earlier, it is used for treating many of the gum problems. Beneath crown lies, enamel. Underneath the enamel, there is a hard layer of dentin and then under it there is pulp. It is a soft part containing nerves, connective tissue, blood vessels, etc and provides nutrition to the tooth during its development. Once our teeth gets matured, they receive nourishment from other oral tissues. Any infection or inflammation to this pulp can cause critical oral problems. If these oral problems are not aided immediately then they give rise to other overall health problems. These are some of the following problems which can be treated by this dental treatment.

A. Infected pulp
B. Inflamed pulp
C. Tooth decay
D. Faulty crowns (which is the outer layer of the teeth)
E. Cracked or chipped tooth

These are the circumstances where Root Canal Treatment comes in the picture as a hero and it does help us from losing our tooth. Even though it is a sharp oral remedy, many people still doubt its benefits. So to clarify those myths and offer an answer to those queries, keep reading.

Fun fact: World Smile Day is celebrated on the first Friday in the month of October every year. Because nothing should stop you from smiling!

Is this treatment really effective?

Well, the answer varies depending upon the individual patients and their complications. Although it can easily be said, yes! Root canal treatment somewhat saves our teeth and overall oral health from the loss. The endodontic treatments are advised to the patient by the dentists. Root canal treatment is one such endodontic treatment which can fix various oral problems effectively. Nonetheless, it has its own advantages and its own limitations.

Pros and cons of root canal treatment


Provides A great relief to the toothache
Treats tooth injury or infection
Minimizes tooth sensitivity
Provides Comfortable chewing
Soothes pain of the tooth
Reduces ulcer formation
Eliminates insecurities due to missing teeth


No guaranteed span of its endurance
Discoloration of the teeth
Possibility of affected teeth getting affected again
Possibility of other treatments

Still not convinced with the answer? Talk to us directly for better understanding of your oral problems because Ballarat family loves to look after yours! You can drop us a mail at ballaratdentalcare@gmail.com or even call us at (03) 5339 9494 . Let us take a step ahead towards healthier life today

Get Your Confidence Back with Cosmetic Dental Treatment

With cosmetic dentistry, no oral problem will ever be a cause for your shy and unpleasant smile. There are guaranteed and effective resulted providing treatments with the help of which people can handle dental issues such as discoloured teeth, crooked teeth etc. Following are some of the most commonly preferred cosmetic dental treatments worldwide that will h assist put an end to the awkwardness caused because of dental problems.


Cosmetic dentures:

Missing teeth because of medical emergencies or aging are serious oral concerns. Whether you have a single tooth or else a teeth fall problem, cosmetic dentures provide great relief to populace suffering from this trouble. Dentures are customized in accordance with the colour and shape of a person’s real dental structure and when finally fitted look similar as actual tooth. So whether you possess a single missing tooth or require a complete set, proficient cosmetic dentures procedure is the right answer.

Teeth Whitening:

There are a lot of internal and external factors that get teeth lose their original and shine colour; patchy, stained and yellow teeth are an outcome of this. For some individuals, this problem can be handled by following regular dental hygiene habits on the other hand for some this is a serious concern which needs professional oral treatment. Teeth whitening procedure are a harmless and effective option to throw away stained teeth. This dental procedure is carried out by cosmetic dentists all over the world to assist their patients conquer the problem of teeth discoloured teeth. The advantage of utilizing teeth whitening is, it provides lasting results not like the temporary methods which will make you appointment with your dental professionals quiet often.


Often individuals face problem of ill structured set of teeth or chipped tooth. To get rid of such issues, dental veneers are the most right solution. Professional veneers are nothing but a tooth-like appearing outer covering which are fixed over the tooth to conceal the imperfections as well as the result is flawless appearing teeth. Veneers are believed to be a boon of professional cosmetic dental treatment as they have assisted people handle serious tooth injuries, external injuries and fractures and restored their self-assured and beautiful smile. The shelf-life of perfect veneers is ideally around five to ten years; hence you know you do not need to stay worrying about them every time. There are a lot of serious oral problems veneers can assist you cover up without causing any problem in chewing, eating etc.

So, these were some common cosmetic dental treatment that can be undertaken by a lot of people to make their teeth looking healthy, good looking and attractive.

Children Teeth Dentist – Saving Young Generation’s Future

Dentistry is the field of the healing sciences and arts devoted to maintaining dental health whereas children dentistry or Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry which concentrates its attention chiefly on the dental health of young children, providing therapeutic and preventive oral health care which helps them to improve their oral health. In children dentistry, the children teeth dentist with the assistance of their hands-on experiences and specialized training try to meet the requirements of children, infants and adolescents, also counting individuals with special health care requirements.


How Pediatric Dentistry is Beneficial

Good dental health is an important part of overall health. At all stages of life, oral care is crucial but it is especially important at the young ages where it needs special attention of the parents as well as specialists children teeth dentist to implement preventive oral health habits that get a kid free from dental disease for the remaining part of his or her life. Throughout the growth stage of a child, they could get certain dental habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, grinding of teeth, lip biting and nail biting that may either permanently or temporarily can damage their teeth and also the tooth supporting structures.

Therefore, it is very imperative to control such habits to prevent the oral problems but if the dental problem is exactly there in front of you, it is recommended that you can get help from a children teeth dentist who will assist your child to avoid bad habits as well as motivate the kid to feel nice about visiting the dental expert and teach him to take a good care for his or her teeth. Making a quick start in regular oral care is an essential step on the road to educating your kid the healthy lifetime habits and who can finely guide your children other than a children dentist, who attains two additional years of specialized and advanced training concentrating on the unique oral health care requirements of children. A children dentist can just identify, correct as well as prevent any dental problems in young kids. Fluoride treatments, radiographs and thorough dental examinations can allow your child get an advantage on keeping a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

Children dentistry with its unique approaches assists to save the young generation’s future, endorsing the establishment of confidence and trust in young ones which lasts long with them all through their life. Children teeth dentist focus on early detection, prevention and treatment of oral diseases, as well as keep current on the modern advancements in children dentistry in order that they could better guide the oral growth and development in young kids in order to stay away from future oral problems that could influence their overall health and also their future for the remaining part of their life.

Be Prepared for Oral Surgery- Ways to be adopted

Oral surgery may be needed in various kinds of dental issues. Though the surgery is out patient, preparation and post care is needed. The surgery is carried out under the influence of local or sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia which means the patient can return home shortly after the procedure. It is important to be prepared for the surgery by implementing just few steps in the daily schedule which will ensure speedy and safe recovery.

Preparation for a night before surgery: Ask the dentist about proper measures to be taken before you undergo the operation and follow them strictly. Few medications may be prescribed which should be taken the night before and the morning of the surgery.

Eight to twelve hours of fasting is common for most outpatient oral surgeries. If diabetic, then check the sugar levels before talking the doctor’s appointment. It is important to keep the sugar levels in control before any surgery. Eat breakfast and take any prescribed medications the evening and morning before your surgery. Fasting is important because it minimizes the risk of aspiration which is a rare but serious complication of anesthesia.

oral dental surgery

No Smoking: It is always recommended that the patient is not supposed to smoke for minimum of 12 hours before he/she undergo the surgery. Brush and floss your teeth before heading to your dentist’s office.

Wear comfortable clothing: Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes, this helps in checking vital signs, giving you your injection, or put blood pressure cuffs which are to be monitored during the surgery.

Give yourself time to relax: Arrive at least 20 minutes early at the doctor’s office. This will give you time to complete any remaining paperwork. You’ll also have a chance to relax and calm yourself before the surgery.

Arrange for the post-surgery ride: After the surgery, you may still be under the influence of anesthesia. Anesthesia makes it difficult to drive immediately and alters judgment. So, it is always better to have a friend or family member with you during the surgery, so that they can bring you back home safely. If you have no one to accompany after the surgery, book a cab or take public transport. If the transportation is not suitable by any method and driving is needed, then leave the doctor’s office only after the consultation and checking of vital signs.

Make comfortable recovery space:  Ample resting time is needed after the surgery. So, most time either you will be sleeping or will be on bed. So, make sure, you have good books, magazines to read. AC and television remotes should be kept nearby. Download your favorite television serials so as to keep yourself entertained in case you are awake. Stock up some extra pillows and blankets in case you need them.

Food diet post-surgery:  It is important you eat right. So, make sure the food which you eat is soft and chewable, as your gums and mouth is in recovery phase. Avoid straws, as sucking motions can aggravate the surgery site and can lead to pain.

It is always better to be pre-prepared for the surgery, this makes things go smoothly and recovery becomes easy and hassle free.

Conclusion: It is not always easy to face dental surgeries. For safe and secure, oral dental surgery, get in touch with expert Oral Surgery Dentists at Ballarat Dental Care.